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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Is Teacher Quality Really Most Pressing Issue Facing #BCEd?

Very good blog post on Teacher Quality by @mrrcho on Twitter.  He is an excellent follow if you're on Twitter.  Very insightful, a genuine advocate for education.  Thank you for letting us repost your article!

The Misconceptions, False Assumptions, and Unasked Questions that Drive “Teacher Quality” Discussions in #BCED

I agree with the author that Teacher Quality is not the big issue it's made out to be concerning our education system.  Although there are some areas related to Teacher Quality that I feel really need to be addressed, overall, I'd say that it's not even the most pressing. The most pressing issue in BCs education system is the dysfunctional relationship between the BCTF and the government.  Hands down.

The majority of teachers in BC are top-notch and worth much more respect than they're currently getting.  I think if the issue of this dysfunctional relationship can be tackled, we'd see teachers and their noble profession getting the respect it deserves in BC.

I'd like to hear your comments.

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