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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Parents Bound to Collective Agreements and Local Contracts?

Nobody has been able to answer me yet, but I'm wondering if parents are bound to the collective agreements and any local contracts.

I'm thinking about this mostly in regards to strike action. But I'm sure there are others areas where it can also be applied. Parents have not signed anything giving up their rights to anybody else.  Any negotiations regarding collective agreements, strike action and local issues that affect me have not gotten my approval.  I am not saying that all areas need to have parental approval, but certainly more parental consultations into what is eligible for strike action, etc, should be allowed.

I'd like to see more efforts made by districts and DPACs to get this type of information out to all parents.  The fact that teachers can refuse to give out report cards is ridiculous really.  The fact that a parent can have an issue with their child and be told, "Nope, bell to bell"  My union won't let me talk to you. I could get in trouble." Seriously? Definately doesn't fly with me and I know many others as well.

I am not really sure how this would look, but definately think more parental input into areas of bargaining that affect them is required.  Big time!


  1. Parents Deliberately Excluded From Collective Bargaining Between Teacher Union And Government

    It is a very unfortunate and undemocratic state of affairs when parents and students are used as pawns in the out-dated procedure called “collective bargaining” in public education.

    One unionist from Ontario said this on a blog recently: “A strike supersedes all duties of the school legislation.”

    Parents’ duty to their children does not stop with a school strike or job action by public school teachers.

    A Labour Relations Board (LRB) that declares that withholding of Progress Report Cards is OK, in my opinion, is allowing an illegal and immoral act. Parents need information by which to keep monitoring their children’s education.

    If the child is not meeting expectations the parent may need to home educate, buy tutoring services or move to a private school. That’s why they are called PROGRESS Report Cards.

    See the long explanation from my blog last autumn — Withholding Student Reports Is Illegal

  2. "Bell to bell"? what does that mean? I don't think parents have any pull nor should they have any pull on unions or messing with the bargaining process. I don't know of any parents that have ongoing issues that couldn't be escalated to the management level with the principal? I really think it all boils down to communication, how you approach a teacher and the wording used in such situations. I've parented three now adult children, have helped in parenting four grandchildren, three of them in school. We've covered the entire range of issues that can arise and have been successful in dealing with each one. I'm not sure why that isn't possible across the board?