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Friday, 1 March 2013

We Are Expanding..Like to Help?

The interest around Partners In Education has been developing stronger and faster than we had expected and we are now experiencing the “joy” that comes with growing pangs.  We are in need of help in seeding start-up costs of what many have called a “much needed” and “refreshing” effort to open the dialogue in BC’s education system to students and parents. Administrative costs are now presenting as a challenge to effectively and efficiently continue the great work and success we have been achieving for parents as we partner with them for the betterment of BC’s education.

We are currently looking to raise $1,000 to file the necessary paperwork for non-profit status and better set up communications efforts in reaching out to the many partners in education throughout the province.  

There are many ways you can help!

·        Financial contributions, to help seed our accruing start-up costs. 
·        Starbucks gift cards, to help with face to face meetings that occur with our partners.
·        Gas cards, to help with the growing interest in presenting regional round table meetings.
·        Financial contributions are not the only way to help. We are also looking for help with researching issues relating to parental rights and community involvement in education in BC.

 Partners In Education is excited to expand our organization and start assisting with more projects in the Lower Mainland and across the Province. We have had amazing feedback and are continuing to grow daily!  If you're interested in helping us out at this exciting point in our development, please send an email to:

If you have any stories you think we'd be interested in knowing about, please drop by our “Contact” page above.

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