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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sorry, Your Child Can Only Come to School a Half/Day? Really?

When is it OK for schools to tell parents their kids can not attend for more than a few hours? Where can I look for answer?

I'm talking to a woman in Surrey, who says her ASD child is not allowed to spend more time because they don't have the staff. WoW! We have a face to face meeting later in the week. Also have heard from a parent whose child does not have a diagnosis, but is in elementary school and has behaviour challenges. Runs outside, throws things, etc. And that child is told they can't come for a full day.

What are parents rights to getting an education for their kids? I'm going to read through School Act guidelines and see what it says. I know some Districts may have their own rules as well.

I understand that a child can not be in class when they are a danger to others, to themselves, etc. But, what is a reasonable excuse? There seem to be no firm guidelines or formal process. I know that when a child is made to stay home, they do not get additional funding for schooling at home.  

I think this is a big deal people!


  1. They cannot deny a child their right to an education. Of course, the child can't disrupt other children (thus infringing on THEIR right to an education). It is, however, up to the school to figure out what to do. It certainly isn't up to the parent to keep their child out of school. That is insanity. However, I would make sure to really look at all sides of the issue though. I have a pretty long history with issues like this in the school and I can tell you, often all is not as it is originally presented. Sometimes it is also an issue of parents being very unwilling to accept certain terms (ie. they do not want their child treated differently at school, don't want their child with a particular adult (even though that is the person assigned to the class for example), they may want special rules or accommodations that are impossible or unreasonable to provide, they may not like how a teacher interacts with their child when they display certain behaviours, the parents may not be willing to extend rules etc. to the home, thus making it very difficult for staff etc., etc.) Again, I am speaking as a parent who has children that both had designations and IEPS etc. through all of school, as a PAC Chair for many years (working with parents as an advocate etc.), and our family was involved in a very complex situation dealing with this exact situation that ultimately ended up involving everyone from FOI to lawyers to unions to VSB. Make sure to really get all the facts. Parents only have the best interests of their children at heart, but often speak about these sorts of issues from a place of very deep emotion, and that emotion can often boil over and make the parents themselves see only one side of the issue

  2. My daughter was approved for 5.5 hours a day with an SEA, but yet the school will only allow her to attend 2.5 hours as they say thats all SHE can handle, but I know its more like thats all THEY want to handle her for! She spends very very little time in the actual classroom and most of it in a separate room they have set up for her! I'd be ok with that part of it all, however my daughter attended preschool for 2 years before kindergarten, 3 days a week, 3 hour days and she never once was taken out of the clssroom for behaviors! So I feel she should be spending more time in the classroom, not the whole time, but more time! Believe me, I have fought till I am blue in the face, I have advocated my heart out, I have been in a thousand meetings, I have went higher up and no one seems to care!