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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Discussion Needs to be on Professional Accountability vs Teacher Quality

We have had lots of discussion here at BC Partners in Education on Teacher Quality. And although we should always strive for excellence in our teachers, the discussion needs to shift to Professional Accountability amongst all in our education system.

Professional Accountability

Partners in Education wants to ensure that each part of the education system (elected representatives, administration, systems or processes and teachers) is accountable for their role in the quality of education children receive.
Partners in education will encourage parents to use their electoral rights to hold elected representatives accountable for the decisions they make.
Partners in education wants to see transparency at the administrative level to better understand how and why decisions are made and to be able to address them on behalf of parents.
Partners in education will challenge systems or processes that don’t support transparency, parental input or the best interests of children.
Partners in education knows that we are fortunate to enjoy many fantastic teachers of the highest quality across this Province, but we also want to see professional accountability, to ensure that where standards are exceptional they are recognized and where standards slip, action is taken to remedy the problem for the benefit of the children.

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