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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Improving Outcomes in Schools by Ryan Cho - Guest Post

The following post was pulled from our Facebook page. Excellent post and wanted to share it over here. Thank you Ryan.

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Hi All,

I am a teacher in the lower mainland. I went to a pro-d session on basic neuroscience and neuroplasticity yesterday, and found out that the five pillars of brain health (and hence the foundation of cognitive ability) in order of importance are:

1. Physical fitness
2. Nutrition
3. Stress Management (and sleep)
4. Socialization
5. Diverse forms of mental stimulation

Community social services work to improve the first 4 outcomes for high needs kids before they even get to school. Schools and teachers are orders of magnitude less effective in improving the states of those first 3.5 outcomes (and most important) without resources to do so, or without strong community social services working in tandem.

If we want to improve outcomes in schools, we need to recognize the interconnectedness of school to other societal spheres, and make poverty and equity a investment for the social good. If we don't we will pay for it both in finances, and stories of human sorrow in the long term...

BC Budget Disappointing for Social Services


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