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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Let Me Introduce You to Jasmine. Being Denied an Equitable Education

Please meet Jasmine. She's a wonderful little girl who is being denied an equitable education. Yes, she has some major challenges, but shouldn't we be taking care of her just as any other child in our school system?

There are some situations where special kids can not be mainstreamed.  But this does not dissolve our government from giving her an equitable education.

When our kids are told they must stay home from school for whatever reason, that should not absolve the Ministry of Education from their responsibility to educate.  When any child is required to stay home from school, there needs to be an adequate plan in place to ensure their educational needs are being met.

Jasmine and other kids like her are being denied an education because of their challenges.  Who is going to advocate for these kids?

Update: Jasmine's parents have taken the Facebook page down for personal reasons.

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