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Saturday, 1 June 2013

BC PIE Advocating for Excellence - For the Kids

Education advocacy for BC Partners in Education means working for a stronger provincial system.

We advocate for excellence and stability in education.  BC PIE believes that stability and excellence is paramount to healthy schools. Professionals in the education sector must show all-around superiority in their work history to effectively teach our kids.  Teachers and staff have a great amount of influence over our youth and excellence is of major importance.

An education advocate is NOT someone who advocates for costly, inefficient policies.  We DO advocate for involvement from all partner groups such as, but not limited to: Parents, teachers, admin staff, community leaders, business, government, and union. We DO advocate for fiscal responsibility so our education funds are used wisely.  We DO advocate for stability to ensure our kids have the best possible chances for success.  And we DO advocate for excellence in our professional staff and for them to be rewarded for such excellence.

Education advocacy needs to have the sole purpose of working towards improving our education system for our kids.  And that's what BC Partners in Education is here to do!

We'd love your support!

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