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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fundraising Burdens on Families

I really like this article. Parents are asked to pay for so much in school nowadays. My kids' school asks that they bring in kleenex on their yearly supply list. Will they ask for toilet paper next? I wonder what happens to those kids that can not afford the lengthy and VERY costly supply lists each year? What if a PAC can not fundraise enough for uniforms or playground safety upgrades?

This is an area where I think we need to involve private enterprise. What partnerships can we create to help ease the burden on school districts and families? We need practical solutions to some very real problems. Our kids safety is being compromised. And many families are concerned about their next meal, mortgage or the astronomical school field trip fee coming up. Do they need more?

Premier Clark..I hope that you have put some big consideration into Families First when putting your budget together. Families need relief and we all need to pitch in for your kids.

CTV Article Here - Parents Footing the Bill?

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