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Monday, 25 February 2013

PIE Needs You!

We at Partners In Education (PIE) would love your help! We are inviting guest bloggers to submit posts here at our website. Our mission is to increase the representation of parents, students, and other private groups.

Share your views with an active community and get your voice heard. The blogging opportunity is also a terrific way to build your writing portfolio.

Posts about the importance of the community in solving educational issues are ideal. Examples of current issues in the public education system that would make excellent posts are:

* Underfunding issues
* Special needs services (or lack of)
* Suggestions for how private businesses can improve the school system
* Suggestions for how to increase the roles of parents and students in the system

Do you have a related idea? We welcome well-written posts with a word count of approximately 400 words. Please send your ideas using our PIE Contact Page or by emailing us at

Melanie Anderson

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